Also curious ? So come and sea (ups !) see:

This homepage is made to answer - hopefully - most of the daily questions of all the interested people willing to have a look into some sort of Anna Catharina's family album. 35 years of duty, sometimes heavy duty, but still Admiral Roman Schneider would tell the lady: "You're looking as young as ever !" (... and he's right, You bet !). As activ as she is and always was, Anna Catharina has probably seen a lot more human beings than most of the other vessels. More: She has met these people, having an intense interaction with most of them, touching their heart and their soul.

In fact these meetings have not only inspired men and women, but also influenced their further lives and sometimes careers. The people sharing some time on this earth with Anna Catharina will definitely sound out highs and lows of their lives, experience some encounter but then again perceive happy and blissful moments, they will keep in their memory-box for longtime.

Most of them are keeping contact for many years. This may become a meeting place. So You are welcome on board of this homepage to share some of the experience! Maybe You'll find, what You are searching for and - new friends ?